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What is Considered Oral Surgery and How Does it Differ from General Dentistry?

Oral surgeons are dentists who have gone to medical school where they specialize in oral surgeries. They are also trained to perform other types of dental work, such as probing for periodontal disease. Some oral surgeons are also maxillofacial surgeons, which means they can handle a variety of injuries and conditions affecting the face, head, jaw, neck, and mouth. Oral surgery is a general surgical procedure that can be performed on the mouth, jaws, and teeth.

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Types of oral surgery procedures offered at our Boca Raton dental practice

There are different types of oral surgery procedures, all completed for different reasons depending on the patient's individual needs. Some common dental surgery procedures include:

1. Tooth extractions

Tooth extraction is done when a tooth needs to be removed for any reason. It involves cutting into the gum tissue and removing the tooth from the socket. This is done under general anesthesia or IV sedation for patient comfort. Common reasons for tooth removal include tooth decay, infection, or damage to the tooth.

2. Dental implants

This is a surgical procedure that is used to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are titanium posts surgically placed into the jawbone to act as replacement teeth roots. After healing, a dental crown or bridge can be attached to the implant post and used to secure a replacement tooth. Read more about dental implants here.

3. Wisdom teeth removal

This procedure is performed to remove impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth can become impacted when they do not have enough room to erupt properly and can cause pain, inflammation, and dental problems. Surgical wisdom tooth extraction is performed under general anesthesia and involves removing the tooth from the gum tissue and socket.

4. Sleep apnea treatment

Sleep apnea refers to a condition in which the patient has difficulty breathing properly during sleep and can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Oral surgery can be used to correct structural problems in the mouth that are causing sleep apnea.

How to prepare for oral surgery at West Boca Dental 

Our dental team will be clear and concise with oral surgery instructions that outline how to prepare for your procedure. You should follow these instructions carefully to ensure your safety and comfort during the process. These may include:

  • Avoid certain medications or supplements, such as aspirin or blood thinners, before the procedure.
  • Prepare any necessary prescriptions prior to the oral procedure date
  • Refraining from smoking or drinking alcohol in the days leading up to the procedure.
  • Eat a light meal the night before.
  • Arrive for your appointment on time.
  • Ensure you have a ride home if you're getting sedated.

What to expect during the oral surgery procedure

During the surgical procedure, you will be given anesthesia to help with any pain. The dentist will then go ahead to perform the procedure. You might be awake or asleep during the procedure, depending on if you were sedated or not. You might feel some movement and pressure if you are awake, but you shouldn't feel pain.

What to plan for after your oral surgery

You may experience some bruising and swelling after surgery, but this can be managed with medication prescribed by your dentist. It is essential to follow all postoperative instructions given to you by your surgeon to ensure a speedy recovery. These may include resting, taking prescribed medication, avoiding smoking and alcohol, and eating a soft diet until the mouth has healed. Most patients feel better within a week or two after surgery. In some cases, you may need to follow up with your dentist after your procedure to ensure proper healing of the surgical site. Call your dentist if you experience a high fever, excessive bleeding, and severe pain that does not improve with medication.


Having a dental surgical procedure done can be a daunting experience. However, with the proper preparation and follow-up, you can undergo a safe and comfortable procedure. Ensure you follow all post-procedure instructions and contact your dentist at West Boca Dental if you have any concerns.


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