Full Mouth Reconstruction


Full Mouth Reconstruction Explained

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Full mouth reconstruction is a process that aims to rebuild and repair the appearance and function of the mouth. It becomes necessary to have the procedure done if one has multiple oral issues that don't get covered by single dental implantation, orthodontics, or teeth feeling. Damaged or malformed oral structure significantly affects normal mouth functionality and, as a result, affects one's self-esteem and confidence levels.

Full mouth reconstruction combines restorative dentistry and aesthetic procedures to restore beauty, function, and oral health. The treatment plan involves several procedures done at the same time to guarantee total oral health in all aspects.

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Why One Might Need Full Mouth Reconstruction?

  • Birth abnormalities
  • Multiple missing teeth
  • Improper jaw positioning
  • Gum and jawbone damage
  • Extensive tooth decay damage
  • Muscle and jaw pain

What Should Patients Anticipate After Full Mouth Reconstruction at West Boca Dental?

  • A restored youthful look
  • A natural-looking smile
  • Improved gum health
  • Properly aligned teeth and bone structure
  • Improved jaw function

Full Mouth Reconstruction Process

Full mouth reconstruction commences with a thorough mouth examination conducted by your dentist here at our Boca Raton dental office. The status of your oral structures, which include gums, teeth, and jawbone, are critically analyzed for any looming diseases, abnormalities, or damage.

A thorough teeth assessment helps to identify any missing or decayed teeth. The dentist will take x-rays and photographs of your teeth to better look at any invisible issues. When either of these issues is detected, the dentist will further analyze the extent of damage and determine a suitable treatment plan. The dentist may opt to use bridges, veneers, crowns, inlays, or onlays, depending on the dental issue.
On the other hand, gums are examined for gum disease, depicted mainly by loose teeth or gum infections.

The dentist further analyzes the temporomandibular joints to ascertain any dysfunction resulting from wear and tear or improper bite. Overly worn joints may require surgery as an intervention measure to restore the mouth's optimal health. In cases that are less severe dental appliances are used.

As part of the process, the dentist will analyze the gums and teeth' shape, size, and color. Discolored teeth are corrected through various dental procedures. For an overall appealing outcome, the dentist ensures teeth color contrasts nicely with the color of your lips and gums.

How Painful Is The Procedure?

With the technological advancements in dentistry, most dental procedures have significantly improved. Many procedures nowadays have little to no discomfort and a tremendously reduced healing time. After a full mouth reconstruction, in no time, one can resume their everyday life. If you experience pain, it's best to consult your dentist for medical advice.

How Much Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost in Boca Raton?

It is difficult to quote a specific figure for full mouth reconstruction. This is because of the varying number of procedures performed on each patient. The more procedures a patient is scheduled to undertake, the pricier the treatment.
Also, the price may vary from one facility to another. On the brighter side, some insurance covers do cater for the treatment fee incurred upon undertaking full mouth reconstruction. However, many dental procedures do not cover cosmetic dental treatment costs. To clear any doubts you may have on the procedure cost, inquire with our office for further clarification.

How Long Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment Take?

The duration taken for completion of a reconstruction process will vary from one patient to another as the procedure is customized to address one's dental problems. Some patients have more complex issues than others. Your dentist is better placed to advise further on the process's duration after drawing up your treatment plan.

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